Marni Tweed Large Tote | Eye-Catching Hot Pink Tweed Carryall With Leather Straps

Posted on: Jun 24

I have to admit from the get-go that I'm not a huge fan of tweed. In wintertime I find it frumpy and in summer I find it incongruous. Now that my bias is out of the way, let's talk about this tote.

The hot pink tweed fabric on this bag is meant to be trendy and hip, I think, but it just comes off looking cheap. That combined with a not very interestingly shaped bag make for something I would expect to see at Target for under twenty bucks. And, honestly, it doesn't even look worth that much to me.

The front pouch pocket might be cute if the bag weren't so slouchy, but on an already unshapely bag, it just looks sloppy. The straps are sturdy and made for comfort, but the contrast between the black leather and hot pink tweed doesn't look well thought out. It looks as though Marni has sewn the straps of a much different bag on this one.

For $1,090, I expect a lot more than this. In face, I expect more from Marni at any price point.

More Features Of The Marni Tweed Large Tote

  • 17" x 14" x 4" size
  • 8" strap drop
  • Lined in taupe shell
  • Internal pouch and zipper pockets

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