Marni Shopping Bag | Pink Patent Perforated Leather Handbag

Posted on: May 31

Marni Perforated ShopperI felt a sense of déjà vu when I first clamped eyes on this Marni shopping bag. Doesn't it look an awful lot like the Ornj Bags David Shock makes from construction fences?

Sure the color is more sedate and the materials more luxurious, but both handbags have those distinctive large perforations and playful retro feel. The Marni bag's plush touches will draw in those with expensive tastes. The pale pink patent leather is delicately feminine, a sugary shade designed to appeal to our inner girly girl. This shopper is fully lined too, and unlike the plastic alternative it comes with a detachable pocket. Those long leather handles will also be much easier to carry than David Shock's bamboo ones, although they don't have quite as much personality.

I don't think this Marni shopper is perfect though. While the lining helps us keep a little mystery, and ensures our essential items don't fall out, it also looks a bit unsightly peeking through those holes. The drawstring will keep our items safe, but it's also a fiddly way to offer security. A hidden zip would have been much more user-friendly and effective.

I expected to pay for the luxury materials Marni's used here, but I didn't expect to pay quite this much. Its $965 price tag buys us a purse with personality and high-quality craftsmanship, but not one without flaws.

More Features of This Marni Patent Leather Shopping Bag

  • A nylon interior pocket
  • Made in Italy

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