Marc Jacobs Jeannie Jewel Applique Large Tweed Clutch | Sparkly Multicolored Tweed Clutch

Posted on: Dec 11

Marc Jacobs Jeannie Jewel Applique Large Tweed ClutchThe Marc Jacobs collection is infinitely full of enviable objects. His uniquely American design sensibility has converted women around the world. Unfortunately, this Jeannie tweed clutch isn't his best work.

The multicolored tweed is interesting, but not so interesting that I'd want a whole bag covered in it. Especially when you add two colors of leather and a bunch of sparkly round cabochons. It's just a little too busy. I mean I understand the impulse to make tweed more interesting, but this is taking things a bit far.

The simple, equestrian-inspired design would be amazing with a less busy treatment. The saddle-shaped bag has a fabulously tooled front flap. I love the combination of camel and chocolate leathers and the classy d-ring detail. Unfortunately, the Jeannie just doesn't hang together well enough to warrant the $995 price tag.

More Features Of The Marc Jacobs Jeannie Jewel Applique Large Tweed Clutch

  • 14" x 9" x 2" size
  • Fully lined in chocolate leather

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