Marc By Marc Jacobs Jumbled Birds Tote | Pale Pink Carryall With Quirky Bird Print

Posted on: Dec 26

Marc By Marc Jacobs Jumbled Birds Tote

Marc Jacobs is having  a banner 2010. The year is almost over, but he's still pumping out great bags that women will love for years. This Jumbled Birds tote has all the sweetness and light of a resort bag, but with a little downtown kick.

The print on this bag is so sugary, it's giving me a toothache. The fabric has a soft sheen, but it's not exactly shiny. There's a tonal jumbled Marc Jacobs logo underneath the more prominent bird print that is so subtle that, despite my hatred of logos, really doesn't bother me. But it's the richly colored bird print that really shines. The birds look almost hand-painted, and they have a semi-abstract look that I love.

The easy shape of the bag guarantees its versatility. Its softness is feminine, which is enhanced by the gentle gathering created by the drawstring closure. Honestly, this is not the most functional bag on the planet. Its soft color will stain easily, and the shape is perfect for staying disorganized if you're prone to just throwing things in your bag. Plus, the slim straps are a little wimpy. But, let's be honest; this is a cute inexpensive bag that may not last forever, but at $190, it really doesn't have to.

More Features Of The Marc By Marc Jacobs Jumbled Birds Tote

  • 16" x 15" x 9" size
  • 8" strap drop
  • Fully lined

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