Marc by Marc Jacobs Flights Of Fancy Leather Tote | Colorful And Cheerful Patchwork Leather Tote

Posted on: Sep 8

The Marc by Marc Jacobs line runs the gamut from 70's cute to sleek, minimal, and modern. This adorable leather tote epitomizes the 70's side of Jacobs' design style, but will definitely appeal to modern gals.

The quirky patchwork pattern on this tote is what makes it original and unique. Little birdies flying off onto cloud nine and a croc print apple tree with blue apples are the backdrop for friendly animals frolicking. The tongue-in-cheek sense of humor and retro sensibility of the tote are sweet without drifting into oversweetened.

It's the muted color palette that keeps this tote from looking too cute. The neutrals will go with a lot of shades, but the bright accents make it a colorful addition to your wardrobe.

I usually don't go in for tote bags over $100 - it's just a personal rule - but this one is all leather, so I'm willing to make an exception. Besides, who doesn't need this kind of cheerful in their day?

More Features Of The Marc by Marc Jacobs Flights Of Fancy Tote

  • 17" x 13" size
  • 9" handle drop
  • Fully lined

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