Marc By Marc Jacobs Bianca Dreams Of Monte Carlo Clutch | Fabulous Blue Leather And Raffia Bag

Posted on: Mar 12

Marc By Marc Jacobs Bianca Dreams Of Monte Carlo Raffia And Leather Clutch

Marc by Marc Jacobs always seems clued in to what designs women want right now. And right now, some women are getting a little tired of all the stalwart tans and beiges we've seen this season. It's spring, and it's time to add some pop and glam to your wardrobe. The Bianca Dreams Of Monte Carlo Clutch absolutely fits the bill.

The vivid turquoise color on the Bianca is an absolute standout! I don't normally think of raffia as glamorous, but the way it's been crafted on the Bianca, well, it's definitely glamorous, and even a little bit sparkly. The smooth as butter leather contrasts well with the woven main compartment, and using raffia as the primary material has kept the price of the Bianca super low.

The shape of the Bianca is sleek and simple, which allows the color to really stand out. It has a disco-casino vibe that suits its mouthful of a name perfectly. The simple, smoothed-out geometric clasp is a great complement to the smooth, fabulous style. Seriously, can you get better than this for $200? I think not.

More Features Of The Marc By Marc Jacobs Bianca Dreams Of Monte Carlo Clutch

  • 13" x 7" x 2” size
  • Fully lined in striped twill

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