Mad Imports Ariel Clutch | Shaded Fold-Over Raffia Purse

Posted on: Nov 10

Here we have yet another rather wonderful raffia purse from Mad Imports. Experts in raffia and other such eco-friendly materials, the brand's purses tend towards interestingly combined colors and shades.

This fold-over clutch is no different. The woven raffia weaves the blue and green shades together in an intricate wave, leading from the thin elegant base up towards the very simple fold over top. I do think a button would have added an extra feature, but some will prefer the smooth undisturbed lines.

Of course, no matter how pretty this bag is, I need to mention the disadvantages of raffia. After all, it is well known for falling apart easier than leather alternatives, so needs to be treated with delicacy. A clutch does afford the ability to do this as it doesn't swing wildly on your shoulder, but even so the lifespan is shorter.

That said, this purse is perfect for holiday wear, whether for traipsing the beaches in the day or taking to the restaurant in the evening. With that in mind the light cotton lining and breathable raffia work in this purse's favor, as is Mad Imports' way.

More Features of this Mad Imports Ariel Clutch

  • Woven raffia exterior
  • Button closure
  • Folded envelope style
  • Available in five color combinations

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