Lux de Ville Getaway Satchel | Metallic Green Sparkle Kiss Lock Handbag

Posted on: Jan 16

Lux De Ville Getaway SatchelIf it ain't broke, why fix it? That's the clearly the design ethos of Lux de Ville, who serves up another retro accessory with this Getaway Satchel.

The Getaway takes us back to the 50s with its clean lines and structured shape. The sparkly sea foam green vinyl might not be authentically retro, but the playful finish is awfully cute. It's also just one of six color options. For the most part Lux de Ville allows the material to speak for itself, although the kiss-lock clasp and chevron accent give it a bit more flair.

The Getaway is a bit larger than authentic 50s accessories, but that makes it more practical for modern misses. Its midsized dimensions are perfect for holding everything we need without encouraging clutter.

The strap is a little too skinny to be truly practical though. While the Getaway isn't a large satchel, it's likely to pull on your shoulder once it's loaded up. I also don't trust the strength of that vinyl, as the man-made material is rarely as strong as leather.

I can't guarantee that it'll last a long time, but at $72 perhaps it doesn't have to. The Getaway is an affordable satchel with a whole lot of personality.

More Features of This Lux de Ville Sparkle Satchel

  • An interior zip pocket
  • Silver satin lining
  • Measures 14 x 4 x 8 inches

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