Lulu Guinness Rainy Day Fund Clutch | Mini Frame Satin Umbrella Coin Purse

Posted on: May 27

Lulu Guinness Rainy Day Coin PurseI always mean to put away some money for a rainy day, but sadly my pay seems to dry up long before the storms hit. Perhaps if I had a coin purse like this cute Lulu Guinness Rainy Day Fun clutch I could stick to my financial resolve!

This satin purse is pure Lulu Guinness with its whimsical umbrella and embroidered raindrops. The scrolling script running along the bottom tells us this is a purse for our Rainy Day Fund, although you could easily use it for a girl's night out or a well deserved shopping spree!

Its interior is simple, without pockets or dividers, but we don't expect much inside a purse of this size. There's no strap either, so you'll need to hold it by hand or stash it inside a larger handbag. Its red satin lining is particularly luxurious, and a great complement to the vintage kiss-lock clasp.

Perhaps this purse is too expensive at $80, but it's so unusual anyone who's fallen for it may have to swallow that price. And once you've bought it, perhaps you can resist spending all your small change!

More Features of This Lulu Guinness Satin Coin Purse

  • Structured frame design
  • Measures 3.9 x 5.1 inches

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