Lucky Brand Abbey Road | Convertible Leather Foldover Messenger Bag

Posted on: Feb 6

American company Lucky Brand must have been inspired by the Brits when naming this Abbey Road messenger bag. Though mostly known for their casual and generally feminine styles, this leather fold-over has a slight masculine vibe. In fact, I would almost classify this handbag as appropriate for both men and women.

Don't let that stop you from considering it for a practical everyday bag, though, ladies. I suppose some guys have the fashion sense to carry off something like this, but I know that I absolutely would use the Abbey Road messenger even when wearing the girliest of casual outfits. It has a Western feel to it that is very appealing.

The crossbody style is popping up in fashion magazines everywhere, and it's definitely a trend I support. The hands-free carrying option is often a necessity in our busy lives, but this Lucky bag doesn't limit you only to that style. The front "flap" unfolds and the long crossbody strap detaches allowing you to carry this as a shoulder handbag as well. The fold-over style might seem complicated or bulky to some, but I love a bag that is multi-functional and stylish.

The details are fabulous on the Abbey Road. Topstitching along the top and down the front and back of the purse adds a little something extra to the weathered brown leather. You won't lack any storage with this fold-over. You'll find multiple pockets inside and a zippered one on the outside. The Lucky Brand Abbey Road bag retails for a reasonable $178.

More Features of the Abbey Road Messenger Bag

  • Measures 18 x 12 x 3.5 inches
  • Weathered leather
  • Lined interior
  • Brass hardware

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