Louis Vuitton Charges Small Fortune for World’s Ugliest Bag

Posted on: Feb 15

I'm convinced that Marc Jacobs has officially lost his marbles. How else do you explain this monstrosity which made its debut during Louis Vuitton's spring 2010 show?

Known as the New Age Traveler Backpack, it takes over designing to the extreme. I can't imagine any hippie type carrying this monstrosity with its tassels, fringe, and mini phone cords. Yes, those springy coils really are telephone cords! Underneath all that I hear there's some monogrammed canvas, but it's pretty hard to spot with all that clutter.

If there's not enough going on here for your tastes, don't worry. The New Age Traveler Backpack also has a ring on the bottom so you can attach one of those fox tails Marc Jacobs loves so much. Personally, I think more accents is the last thing this bag needs!

If by any strange change this did steal the heart of a new age type, they'll probably be out of luck. This Louis Vuitton bag retails for a staggering $54,500. I'll say it again: Marc Jacobs has lost his marbles. Nobody but nobody is going to want to pay that price for that bag.

Then again, I thought the same thing about Louis Vuitton's Tribute bag and the ordinarily stylish Beyonce proved me wrong. Maybe this is just kooky enough to become the next big thing.

[Source: Senora Cartera]

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