Loop NYC Audio Couture Clutch | Compact Retro Designed Purse Featuring Built-in Speaker

Posted on: Jul 5

Handbags don't have to be taken seriously. Sometimes, as this Loop NYC clutch proves, they can be perfect for having fun.

The Loop NYC Speaker bag isn't anything new. We are all familiar with the great fun squeezed into this boom-box design, with real and working speakers. Now, however, this is available in a much more compact and portable clutch design. This purse doesn't pack the same audio punch, but the single speaker still has hefty decibel levels.

Even better, this cute little example comes in a bright and vivid neon orange color - very catwalk, very retro, and more than a little funky!

Of course, this handbag moves from novelty into practicality in certain situations. For picnics, for instance, this neon clutch is spot on, allowing you to plug in your MP3 and fill the air with your tunes. It is designed for festivals, too and can often be found on sale as a gimmick.

At only $18, you simply can't go wrong with this Loop NYC speaker clutch. Whether you choose radio, MP3 player or something else, this bright bargain handbag is sure to hit the right note!

More Features of this Loop NYC Clutch

  • Inbuilt speaker
  • Detachable wrist strap
  • Interior zipper pocket
  • Plenty of space

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