Longchamp Patch Toile Tote | Printed Pony Print Nylon Patchwork Handbag

Posted on: Sep 22

Longchamp Patch Toile ToteLongchamp offers a ponyhair purse for the fur phobic with this Patch Toile Tote.

I must admit that, at least from a distance, this handbag fooled me. It looks like it's made of swatches of authentic pony hair, but it's actually crafted from cleverly printed nylon. That means there's none of the ethical concerns we typically get with pony hair, and we also don't have to put up with shedding.

Fashion houses rarely create patchwork handbags any more. When once they were all the rage, these days they often seem tired. The exotic appeal of this tote helps Longchamp get it right though. I love the way the earthy tones work together, despite the differing finishes.

The intricate patchwork is impressive, but it's a shame Longchamp hasn't shown the same care with the rest of the bag. The interior is disappointingly basic, with only a single pocket to organize it. A space this large is really crying out for much more than that.

$188 certainly isn't expensive for a handbag bearing the Longchamp name, especially one that looks so luxurious. It's a bit more than you'd pay for the average nylon tote, but let's remember that this one is far from average.

More Features of This Longchamp Patchwork Tote

  • Top zip closure
  • Nylon lined
  • Dual handles with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 19 x 12 x 8 inches

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