Lola Bernard Modena Hobo | Croc Embossed Coffee Leather Handbag

Posted on: Feb 27

Lola Bernard Modena HoboThe Modena sounds good on paper, but sadly this is just another lacklustre hobo from Lola Bernard.

I'm not entirely sure where Lola Bernard went wrong here. She's used real leather rather than that cheap synthetic stuff. She's also added some crocodile-esque embossing to make the skin feel even more luxurious. But it still doesn't manage to inspire any handbag envy.

The coffee color doesn't really help its cause. This brown hue is easy to incorporate into any wardrobe, no matter what the season, but it's also really uninspired. The black handle also doesn't look quite right, almost as if Lola Bernard ran out of the coffee leather and had to use whatever was left around her studio!

And while I appreciate the sentiment, the crocodile embossing doesn't rev me. Its scales are so big and unsightly, not at all like the ones we see on the real reptiles. I don't expect a carbon copy of the genuine article, but embossed leather should mimic its inspiration better than this.

At $325 the Modena is affordable, especially considering its versatile styling. But its flaws make me hesitate, no matter what its price.

More Features of This Lola Bernard Crocodile Embossed Hobo

  • Made of cowhide
  • Measures 18 x 15 x 7 inches
  • Comes with a dustbag

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