LeSportsac Vintage Loveheart Clutch | Pretty Metallic Polyester Wristlet

Posted on: Sep 29

LeSportsac Vintage ClutchIt is unusual to see the word "vintage" and the name LeSportsac in the same sentence. After all, LeSportsac product sporty handbags from nylon or polyester, and this isn't something that usually fits neatly in to the vintage category.

So, flaws with the naming aside, what do we think of this little wristlet? Well, as a heart fanatic, I am a big fan of the pattern. The metallic gold against the matt black instantly makes it eye catching, and the scribbled effect really helps with the cuteness factor. In fact, despite the lightweight and practical materials, this almost looks like it could be an evening bag.

However, it doesn't qute achieve this, thanks to the always sporty fabric choices. Synthetic is great if you need something waterproof or durable however, and if you are a girl who has an active lifestyle but who wants pretty belongings too, then why the hell shouldn't you have access to a bag like this? Whilst it isn't posh by any means, this laid back clutch still brings that sparkle to the mix.

A pretty and casual bag perfect for sporty people.

More Features of this LeSportsac Vintage Clutch

  • Available in other patterns
  • Polyester fabric shell
  • Detachable wrist strap
  • Fold over closure

Get this Metallic Loveheart Wristlet:

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One Response

  1. BoeingSkyHag Says:

    I beg to differ with your opinion of the vintage association with LeSportsac. I have 3 “vintage” LeSportsac pieces, purchased in the mid-to late 70′s. The products then were a completely different version of what is on the market today.

    The bags in the 70′s were not lined, and were assembled from the rough textured ripstop parachute material. After a few years of use, the inside coating of the ripstop would peel off.

    The early 80′s brought a smoother nylon fabric, still unlined. While the interior side (coating) of these bags did not peel or fray, and held up much better than the previous products, they began to show a huge major flaw. After a few years, the inside of the bags would begin to emit a foul odor! The odor was not apparent from the outside, but the inside would stink to high heavens.

    I called LeSportsac and questioned the “why” and then the “how” to get rid of the smell. They could not offer any help since the bag aw more than 1 year old.

    I do not smoke, no one in my home does either. I bought the bags NEW, at a local retailer. So, i tried to tackle the problem myself. I did the fabric softener sheets – didn’t help. Tried the backing soda – no help. Tried washing the bag – the smell came back within weeks. Last trick was turning the back inside out (beige) and hanging it in full sun for about 7 days. That helped a lot, but again, the smell returned.

    I couldn’t – in good faith – sell the bag or give it away either. Oh how it stunk! So I trashed it.

    MY PERSONAL REASONING as to the smell was that it came from the interior coating on the material. Over the years, the chemicals in the coating began to break down and that’s what produced such an offensive smell.

    So, to summarize my lengthy argument to the “vintage” LeSportsac argument, the older “vintage” LeSportsac products were made completely different than tha ones sold today. Different fabrics, interiors, and construction . . . . that alone would constitute the “vintage” label.

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