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Posted on: Sep 16

Lauren Merkin Limited Edition Louise

Lauren Merkin has launched a unique marketing campaign for this limited edition three-in-one Louise clutch. If you like this purse, which is the result of a collaboration with FashionStake, you'll need to put your money where your mouth is.

This clutch is right on trend, with its underwear as outerwear theme. It starts with a corset Crepe de Chine dress, which can be covered with the black faux fur or metallic brocade envelopes. Inside the purse is lined with lavender fabric and embellished with quotes from its muse, the irrepressible Mae West.

The buzz generated now will determine whether this purse ever sees the light of day. Lauren Merkin wants to raise $10, 000 in funds before producing the clutch. Money is raised in three ways. Firstly, buyers can pre-order the handbag for $239, a 40% saving on the $399 recommended retail price.

If you don't have that kind of cash lying around you could become a funder for $50. Funders get a stake in the collection and receive store credit, which is valued at up to $125 for the $50 stake. The actual value of the credit will vary depending on the bag's success.

Finally, cashed up Lauren Merkin lovers can become a VIP for $500. This price buys the clutch, a signed dust bag, and a personal invite to a New York City wine tasting party with Lauren Merkin herself.

The clutch is available for pre-order now from Do you want a stake in this Lauren Merkin clutch?

[Source: BagBliss]

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