Latico Mimi In Memphis Clutch | Convenient Compartmentalized Buckle Wristlet

Posted on: Apr 15

For people who are fed up with the floaty girly fashion that is dominating the High Street and designer collections this spring, then Latico may have just provided the ultimate alternative.

Everything about this little clutch pulls against the chiffon and the ruffles. The bright mustard yellow leather will clash with everything currently in the shops, giving you the chance to pull out those skinny jeans and last years 80's inspired jacket. At the same time you are given punky attitude with the inclusion of those funky buckle details, which don't only look cool, but which neatly secure the purse too. Even the floral interior is in a different style to the somewhat chintzy flowers that seem to be on every available surface at the moment.

Of course, the problem with the Mimi in Memphis wristlet is that its rebellious nature will mean that you may have trouble buying new clothes to match it. Still I think it is worth it, if only as a break from a very dominant fashion season. Plus, it is so versatile and convenient that it is worth the extra effort, so that you can use the multiple slots, pockets and compartments to their best advantage.

This unusual and funky Latico buckle clutch is surprisingly cheap at $75. Go on... join the revolution!

More Features of this Latico Mimi in Memphis Wristlet

  • Glazed leather exterior
  • Zip & buckle closure
  • Multiple pockets/compartments
  • Attached wrist-strap

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