Lanvin Pouchette Oulala Mariage Satin Clutch | Bridal Clutch With French Couture Details

Posted on: Mar 3

When the French say "ooh la la", they say it "oulala". It may  seem almost the same, but the subtle accent makes all the difference. It's the same with French fashion; the differences are small, but definite, which this Lanvin satin clutch beautifully demonstrates.

As a devout minimalist, it would usually be hard for me to describe something satin with a flower appliqué and rhinestone details as elegant, but it's really easy with this clutch. All of the details are so perfectly wrought, so well thought out, and so balanced in terms of size, placement and texture, that I can't help but swoon a little.

This clutch is definitely not for everyday use, however. The high cost and delicate nature of the materials make it safe only for special occasions. It's meant to be a bridal clutch, and as such, it would be an amazing addition to your ensemble, but I think it would also be lovely with a bright cocktail gown.

The interior contains no organizational features, but it does have a mirror, which is really all you need for truly special occasions. Unfortunately, at $1,090, most of us won't be able to afford this one for even the most special of nights, but a girl can always dream.

More Features Of The Lanvin Oulala Mariage Satin Clutch

  • 11" x 6"  size
  • Fully lined in signature satin twill
  • Interior designer plaque

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