Lanvin Happy Pop Leather Shoulder Bag | Edgy Sophisticated Black Quilted Chain Strap Leather Bag

Posted on: Aug 13

Lanvin is always surprising me. Right when I think it's given up its cutting edge, it comes out with a bag like the Happy Pop. This gorgeous number strikes a fabulous balance between edgy and sophisticated.

The quilting on the black leather isn't your average Upper East side fare. It has a distinctly motorcycle-inspired look to it that gives the Happy Pop an edge right from the get go. Plus, the sheen on the leather has a muted, almost waxed appearance that makes it more casual than conservative. Not that you couldn't rock this baby for a special occasion! You absolutely could. It's just more rock-n-roll than your average evening bag.

The shape is pretty unremarkable, but it doesn't need to be remarkable. On this bag, the difference is in the details. This chain strap is one of the most interesting that I have ever seen. It contains links of two different sizes and colors. The smaller links are burnished silver and have a distinctly chain mail vibe, which contrasts beautifully with the oversized burnished copper links. I would buy this bag for the strap alone, but if you don't love it, it's detachable.

At $1,855, the Happy Pop is not a bag purchase to be taken lightly, but it's so freaking cool that it's really hard to resist, even for tight-fisted recessionistas like me.

More Features Of The Lanvin Happy Pop Leather Shoulder Bag

  • 13" x 7"" x 4" size
  • 18" handle drop
  • Internal zipped pocket
  • Fully lined in designer stamped black twill
  • Fully lined in signature black satin

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