Lanvin Bowling Tafetta Bag | Conversation-Starting Metallic Bronze Gym Bag

Posted on: Jul 10

Lanvin is one of those lines that is usually of impeccably high taste. So impeccable, in fact, that its pieces have multi-generational and pan-stylistio  appeal. Which makes this taffeta bowling bag a pretty major disappointment in my book, as it doesn't live up to the quality of design that I've come to expect from Lanvin.

First of all, it looks more like a duffel than a bowling bag. Actually, it sort of looks like it can't figure out what shape to be, which is just where the problems begin. The second problem is the fabric. Bronze taffeta? Really? From the oldest couture house in Paris? Maybe on some really bizarre origami-styled ballgown, but on a bowling bag? Ick. This thing is just tacky.

The strap design is sort of  interesting with its knotted, gathered appearance, but the fashion house just doesn't do much to pull the look together. It might just be a case of my own personal bias coming into play, but there's no way this bag is worth $$995. I've seen way cuter bags at Target.

More Features Of The Lanvin Bowling Taffeta Bag

  • 19" x 10" x 10" size
  • 6" handle drop
  • Internal zipped and pouch pockets

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