Kate Spade Ladybug Shopper | Cream Canvas Handbag with Red Trim

Posted on: May 18

Kate Spade Ladybug ShopperKate Spade delivers a dash of whimsy with this Ladybug shopper.

The shopper's style is classic, with clean lines and a bucket shape. But that bright red ladybug decorating the corner pocket ensures this handbag is anything but ordinary. I love the way Kate Spade has picked up the beetle red again with complementary handles and trim. These details give this creamy shopper some real personality without undermining its traditional style.

It looks like so many shoppers on the market, but its design actually offers a few sneaky perks. The red lines on the front seem purely decorative, but they're actually trimming deep open pockets. There are more of those inside, and a zippered one for your valuables.

The only thing that hasn't won me over is that tie closure. Its bow looks very sweet, but it's a fiddly way to secure your cargo. It's also not likely to be as effective as a zipper. I'm frankly not sure it looks good enough to overcome its functional flaws.

At least Kate Spade's not charging a fortune for this shopper. At $155 it's a relatively affordable and adorable way to tote your everyday essentials.

More Features of This Kate Spade Canvas Shopper

  • Made of coated canvas
  • Dual straps with a 9 inch drop
  • Measures 17.5 x 12 x 6.5 inches

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