Kate Spade Bedford Street Shoulder Bag | Noel Lori Quilted Hobo

Posted on: Sep 13

Quilting always runs the risk of looking fuddy duddy and old fashioned. However, in the Bedford Street Noel collection Kate Spade has managed to update the look.

The modern style features different shapes which make the soft and luxurious looking quilting, mainly circles and funny curved squares (look at the picture, you'll see what I mean). This, in combination with the sleek glossy leather that the brand is well known for, means that you have a handbag that is undoubtedly mature, yet at the same time not even vaguely outdated.

Of course, being modern doesn't mean that it isn't traditional. Vintage style designs are Kate Spade's strongest point, after all. Consequently the classic brown leather corners and tassels give this a hint of the formal designs and shapes of yesteryear.

This isn't a remarkable bag, but it is one of those purses that lends itself to everyday use and everyday wear. You even have a hint of the countryside thanks to the green lining, meaning that you can feel all posh and privileged! It is perhaps a little stuffy for me, but it really fits this winter's fashion trends.

More Features of this Bedford Street Noel Lori Hobo

  • Green signature lining
  • Quilted leather exterior
  • Multiple interior pockets
  • 14-karat light gold plated hardware

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