Juicy Couture ‘The American Canvas’ Tote | Casual Screenprinted and Embroidered Canvas Crossbody

Posted on: Feb 3

Oh, Juicy Couture, you always seem to hone in on the ideal designs and clinch the deal with your cleverly funky details. With styles like the classic Daydreamer bag and the free-spirited Baby Fluffy, Juicy appears to have their finger on the pulse of what handbag shoppers are looking for and then taking it to a new level.

For instance, the American Canvas Crossbody has just about every detail a summer bag should have but with its own unique personality. This Juicy tote is practical, versatile, and memorable with its signature touches.

The crossbody design is great for slinging the bag on and going. I think every woman should have at least two crossbody purses in their wardrobe: a cotton one for informal days of shorts and sandals and a soft leather one for taking things up a notch. This Juicy Couture canvas bag is perfect for the casual, sunny days ahead.

The fun screenprint of a tropical island definitely puts me in the mood for warmer weather. Of course, a simple print just isn't memorable enough for Juicy. This tote mixes the printed picture with embroidered details for a three-dimensional look. The text on the front reads "Juicy Couture Holiday", and on the side is a short note "Love, G & J."

The white ink contrasts nicely on the dark blue fabric while the green embroidery blends well. The American Canvas Crossbody also comes in white and pink fabric and a brown version that sports a peace sign. For only $78, this Juicy bag will have you standing out in a crowd.

More Features of the American Canvas Tote

  • Measures approximately 15 x 13 x 9 inches
  • Strap with 25 inch drop
  • Sits at hip

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