Juicy Couture Perfume Pink Electronics Bag | Fun Sunglasses Girl Laptop Case

Posted on: Jul 25

Juicy Couture Perfume Pink Laptop BagJuicy Couture offers a girly alternative to all those masculine laptop bags with this Perfume Pink Electronics purse.

This handbag is playful and pink, just as we'd expect from a Juicy Couture accessory, but it's also a little bit different too. The sunglass-wearing girl is something new from the brand, and the small Juicy Couture signature makes a welcome change from the label's usual showy logos.

I must admit though, while this Perfume Pink purse is cute it doesn't really deliver what I expect a laptop bag will. The interior isn't padded, and as it's only made from canvas there's little protecting our technology. It's also disappointing that there's no detachable strap, as those short handles aren't really practical for morning commuters. The fully lined interior does have a few zippered pockets though, so at least you can keep your items separate and your laptop scratch-free.

At a bargain $78 perhaps I shouldn't expect too much though. This Juicy Couture bag doesn't do a lot beyond holding a laptop, but it looks cute while it's doing it!

More Features of This Juicy Couture Canvas Laptop Bag

  • Cotton lined interior
  • Zip top closure
  • Dual handles with a 3 inch drop
  • Measures 11.5 x 15 x 2.5 inches
  • Made in China

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3 Responses

  1. Leanor Says:

    My friend has a bag lIke that but an actual shoulder bag. Its grey and has the same sunglasses and says juicy under the sunglases. Ive been looking for that exact same bag, and this is the closest ive come to finding it. Please help me!!!!
    Yours sincerely Leanor

  2. Lauren Says:

    Hi Leanor, I can’t find it in gray but perhaps this is the bag you’re looking for: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B004RN8BPM/?tag=bagbunch-20? It’s old stock now so the colors available may be more limited than when your friend bought it.

  3. Leanor Says:

    Thank u soo much!!! This is the bag im looking for!!!
    Ive already bought it!
    Thank u soo much for your speedy reply!!!

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