Juicy Couture Patent Leather Hobo Bag | Sleek Black Patent Hobo With Edgy Details

Posted on: May 12

I have mostly been liking Juicy Couture's bags lately. The label seems to be making its accessories line a little more sophisticated and streamlined. This hobo, however, is not a particularly good example of that change.

While this hobo is more elegant than many of the bags in Juicy's brightly colored, overdecorated past, it isn't exactly the epitome of chic. The patent leather material is awesome, and the shape of the bag is basically perfect, as far as I'm concerned, but the details ruin it. Some of them are just ill-suited to the bag and some of them are just plain ugly and all of them together is just too much.

The strap around the top of the hobo, for example, looks really awkward because it gathers some of the leather like a drawstring. Since it isn't actually functional, it just looks messy. But it's the little straps in the corners of the bag that are really killing me. The patent is so nice and glossy and they really break up its smooth texture. And for no reason, because they are purely decorative.

I could go on about the zipper and the handle and other things I don't like about this bag, but I won't. It's a $380 example of what can happen when you start with good materials and then try to do too much with them.

More Features Of The Juicy Couture Patent Leather Hobo Bag

  • 17" x 13" x 5" size
  • 7" handle drop
  • Fully lined in red cotton

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