Juicy Couture Baby Fluffy Bag | Hot Pink Terrycloth Confectionary Handbag

Posted on: May 20

Ugh, this is exactly why I hate Juicy Couture. Pardon me if this bag is up your alley, but I can think of so many better ways to spend $190 that I can't imagine why anyone would spend it on this.

First of all, this bag is made of terrycloth, which, as far as I'm concerned is only suitable for towels and sometimes beach rompers. But for a bag? I can't think of anything less durable (maybe aluminum foil?) or more likely to hold stains. The color is the trademark Juicy Couture pink, which I like just fine in a sophisticated fabric, but honestly, I'm having a really hard time looking past the terrycloth.

And, by the way, could this bag have a bigger logo? It covers more than half of the front of the bag! Seriously, it might as well be a tattoo. If I didn't hate the cheap looking dangly charms so much, I might be grateful for how much of the logo they obscure, but as it is, I just find the whole thing an explosion of cheesy sweatshop labor crap.

Really, I don't know who they're kidding selling this stuff in high end stores. This is the kind of fare you expect from tween boutiques, but, unfortunately, you can find this bag at a high end retailer near you. Admittedly, Juicy Couture has never really been to my taste, but with a lot of their things I can at least see why another woman might buy it. This I think is tasteless and aesthetically offensive.

More Features Of The Juicy Couture Baby Fluffy Bag

  • Contrasting gold lining
  • Heart shaped mirror inside
  • Interior pockets

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