JJ Winters Suede Multi-Zip Bag | Vanessa Hudgens Brown Slouchy Purse

Posted on: May 16

JJ Winters handbags are a celeb favorite from Paris Hilton to Miley Cyrus. Another famous fan, Vanessa Hudgens, was recently seen carrying this JJ Winters Suede Zip Bag in brown.

This bag has a strong trendy style and you shouldn't expect to carry it with the same aplomb next year. But if you like an accessory that immediately identifies of the current season, this is a great option. It takes the ubiquitous zipper detail one step further, and avoids veering too far into punk style with a bohemian silhouette and soft suede fabrication.

The calf suede bag features 11 gold zippers on the body and two on the straps, and a roomy interior with one inner pocket. A comfortable 18" strap drop means you can really fill this up and lug it around.

I find it interesting that the back of this bag is plain with no zippers. Perhaps that would let you tone down the style if you purposely wore it with the zippers against your body. I would find it annoying to be constantly aware of which side of the bag was showing, whether I wanted to zippers showing or not.

More Features Of The JJ Winters Suede Zip Bag

  • Measures 30 x 20 x 10 inches
  • Button-top closure

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