Jimmy Choo Tube Leopard Print Calf Hair Clutch | Sleek And Wild Spotted Evening Bag

Posted on: Jan 26

Jimmy Choo Leopard Print Calf Hair ClutchJimmy Choo, Jimmy Choo, Jimmy Choo. All you really have to do is say the name and immediately it calls up images of dressed to the nines cosmopolitan women. This new version of the tube clutch is a great example of why.

There's something muted about the color palette used on this leopard print. The pale beige background would ordinarily provide a lot of contrasts for such a dark print, but the pattern itself has been blurred so the effect isn't so intense. The great thing about this is that you get the look of leopard, but without the in-your-face drama that sometimes goes along with it.

The classic shape of the tube is one I always love. It's sleek and rounded off at the same time, and the tiny geometric clasp doesn't take away from the design in the tiniest way. In fact, I'd say that it adds a little hard-edged contrast that ups the sophistication level.

Let's be honest. This is not the most practical clutch. It won't hold that much, and the shape makes it difficult to carry oddly-shaped items. Plus, it's $1,295, which is no small investment. But it's just so terribly chic that if I had the cash, I'd definitely count it out.

More Features Of The Jimmy Choo Tube Leopard Print Calf Hair Clutch

  • 9" x 4" x 2" size
  • Fully lined in gold satin

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