Jimmy Choo Lareina Leather Crochet Clutch | Bold Feminine Black Evening Bag

Posted on: Sep 22

It's been a while since I've reviewed a Jimmy Choo bag, but I am still thrilled by the fabulousness of the last season's accessories. Well, Choo doesn't disappoint with this vintage-inspired crochet Lareina clutch. It's every bit as amazing as I've come to expect.

The combination of leather and crochet is masterfully executed. I can't say that the idea of a crochet and leather bag appeals to me, but once I saw it, I was smitten. The delicately beaded crochet and macrame fabric hangs like a veil over the soft black leather, and creates a look that is alluring and dramatic.

The underlying shape of the leather clutch is simple enough, but it's complicated by the ethereal fabric that tops it. The fabric hangs down well below the line of the bag, which creates an almost fringed appearance. It has a half bohemian, half sultry glamour look that is mysterious and beautiful.

This is the kind of bag that will work beautifully with a simple, elegant, black column gown, or something short and flapperish. It would be a tall order to pull it off in daytime, but I know there's an ultra stylish vixen out there who could find a way. Unfortunately, at $2,195, this kind of glamour isn't available to most of us, but we can still admire it from afar.

More Features Of The Jimmy Choo Lareina Leather And Crochet Clutch

  • 14" x 9" x 2" size
  • Fully lined in camel suede
  • Internal pocket

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