Jimmy Choo Chandra Elaphe Snakeskin Clutch | Overdone Exotic Silver Evening Bag

Posted on: Oct 27

Jimmy Choo Chandra Elaphe Snakeskin ClutchJimmy Choo had almost completely converted me into a diehard fan until this recent spate of bags. It seems like the line's recently more restrained aesthetic was just a phase, and now we're back to seeing flashy, ovedone pieces like this new version of the Chandra clutch.

I adore snakeskin. I always feel a little bad about it when I rail against faux versions, because I know that they are much more humanely-produced than their natural counterparts. But this Elaphe skin looks faker than any fake skin I've ever seen, which strikes me as an enormous waste. The high gloss and reflective metallic finish is just too much.

I love the Chandra shape, but it doesn't work well with this material. Although I'm not sure what would work well, the soft shape of the Chandra bunches up the snakeskin and just enhances its cheap appearance. If you had told me you found this bag at Wal-Mart for $15 and that it was made out of 100% polyeurethane, I would believe it. What I don't believe is the gall behind the Chandra's actual $1,585 price tag. For shame, Mr. Choo.

More Features Of The Jimmy Choo Chandra Elaphe Snakeskin Clutch

  • 12" x 10" x 1" size
  • Fully lined in champagne satin
  • Interior pouch pocket

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