Jessica Jensen Woven Wristlet | Arty Geometric Luxury Purse

Posted on: Jun 20

Jessica Jensen gets arty with this $198 luxury clutch.

It is nice to see some creativity coming into the world of woven leather handbags. Whilst other areas of the fashion industry have been playing around with the effects created by woven strips of different colors or textures, the handbag world has preferred to stick to single fabrics building a luxury texture. However, to see a clever design like this achieved so simply makes me wonder if maybe we have been missing a trick.

Aside from the fading yellow pattern adorning the right of this wristlet, the rest of the design is perhaps as you would expect. The wrist-strap, in a thin band of leather, is removable, however, and that means this is as much a clutch as it is a tiny purse. The rest is simple and self explanatory, letting that complex exterior really shine through.

Elegant yet effective, Jessica Jensen has used expensive leather to create this great look.

More Features of this Geometric Woven Clutch

  • Also available in a brown and purple combination
  • Woven Italian leather exterior
  • Convertible wrist strap
  • Top zip closure

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