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Posted on: Feb 28

Jessica Jensen Wave ClutchWave hello to this cute little clutch by Jessica Jensen.

OK, first things first; apologies for the terrible pun. The Wave clutch deserves better, and so do you. That said, the name (and corresponding design) do indicate one of the most important features of this little purse, that being the layers of curvy stitched (wave shaped, in fact!) pink and brown leather.

Whilst it sounds potentially ugly, this wallet is actually anything but. I think the curvy shape of the decoration ensures it is tasteful, and the gentle tones mean pink and brown go together better than you would ever normally expect.

As for the shape, well, this clutch is kind of unremarkable. It fulfills most of the duties of a wallet, from the streamlined shaped through to the interior card pockets and change section. However, I am not convinced that Jessica Jensen has fulfilled as many of the points of a clutch. A phone, for example, would distort the lines and ruin the look.

At roughly $200 this may be one of the most expensive wallets you could choose, unless you think there is a chance you would actually use it as the clutch it was always intended to be.

More Features of this Wave Patterned Wallet

  • Also available in gray and black
  • Italian leather exterior
  • Central divided and car pockets
  • Zip closure

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