Jeremy Scott Designs New Longchamp Le Pliage Bag | Computer Keyboard Patterned Tote

Posted on: Jul 5

Longchamp Jeremy Scott Keyboard Le Pliage

Jeremy Scott has looked to the digital world for inspiration for his twelfth collaboration with Longchamp. The result is a brand new Le Pliage bag decorated with a colourful computer keyboard pattern.

This isn't the first time we've seen Scott using the distinctive keyboard print. Keen style spotters might remember a male model wearing a shirt and pants covered in the digital pattern strutting down the runway during Scott's fall 2012 New York Fashion Week show.

Personally I thought the keyboard decorated apparel went several steps too far, but I think it works well on the Le Pliage. The classic Longchamp style is quite staid, and it really deserves a lively pattern to spice things up. I can imagine the tote providing a fun pop against a neutral ensemble. Perhaps we might see it on the arms of playful IT workers in future?

I also think it's a real improvement over some of his recent Le Pliages, including the narcissistic nameplate covered version, and the sugary pink Flinstones inspired Bone bag. Do you agree?

The new Jeremy Scott for Longchamp bags are set to retail for $355. That's no bargain, but it's also not exorbitant for a limited edition line. Look for them at Longchamp stores around the globe later this month.

[Source: Los Angeles Times]

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