Jalda Python Jane Tote | Luxury Exotic Snakeskin Purse

Posted on: Aug 16

When it comes to exotic and rather fabulous skins, Jalda makes some of the most luxurious options on the handbag market.

Take, for example, the Jane tote. This simply designed handbag is made from a genuine snakeskin, hence the incredibly beautiful and authentic texture and exotic pattern. Thanks to the addition of a real quality skin we don't have to deal with a tacky and generally unattractive faux version, although it is worth bearing in mind the environmental and ethical issues that accompany such skins. On looks alone, however, it is a real stunner!

The design itself is a classic. Simple, effective, and timeless. This is just as good for work as it is for play, with space for anything you may desire to carry. There aren't any compartments, unfortunately, but that probably does make it a bit more versatile. And, when you are paying a mighty $1,500 for a tote, versatility and timelessness is key!

Whilst the colors and print are quite unusual, I think the quality materials and classic design mean this shouldn't go out of date too fast. Good job too when it is that pricey!

More Features of this Jalda Python Tote

  • Real snakeskin exterior
  • Turquoise coordinating lining
  • Single zipped interior pocket
  • Dual leather handles

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