Jalda New Look Stacey Clutch | Minimalist Slouchy Leather Purse

Posted on: Jan 6

Jalda New Look Stacey ClutchJalda has taken a relaxed design approach for its New Look Stacey Clutch.

At first the differences between the two models might not be apparent, but it's all about the slouch. While the first Stacey had that casual profile, this new mark is even more relaxed. In some ways this unstructured design seems a bit lazy, but its laid-back nature would look great paired with a favorite pair of jeans.

What you see is truly what you get though. There are no pockets or shoulder straps tucked away inside this faille lined interior. That's disappointing, as the Stacey is larger than your average clutch. I'm not sure I could keep it organized, and I'd start to resent the lack of strap by the end of the day.

The choice of colors is a major selling point though. If you're a classic beauty you'll embrace the black, burgundy, or deep purple Staceys. I love the unexpected pop of this turquoise purse, and I'm sure anyone looking for something different would agree! I'm not sure Jalda has really improved the Stacey with its New Look design, but it probably does enough to warrant the $198 tag.

More Features of This Jalda Slouchy Leather Clutch

  • Hinged frame entry
  • Measures 5.5 x 11.5 x 4 inches
  • Made in the United States

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