J. Tiras Dottie | Crystal Covered Spotted Barrel Purse

Posted on: Apr 20

J. Tiras channels all the style of Judith Leiber with this crystal-covered Dottie purse.

Just like a Judith Leiber original, every inch of this gem covered barrel clutch sparkles. It's also got a healthy sense of humor with whimsical spots all over. Choose from playful pink spots on the jet black Dottie, or this glamorous combination of topaz and pearl.

The interior is tiny, but the leathery lining helps make this space feel a little more luxurious. It's essentials only though, in the strictest sense of the word, as very few things will fit inside. Thankfully the metal chain is detachable, so it need not take up any room inside the already small space!

The biggest sticking point for J. Tiras fans is likely to be the price. When most of the label's bags cost $100 or less, the Dottie's $480 tag is that much harder to swallow. Still, it seems a steal when compared to the four-figure sums Judith Leiber charges for similar purses!

More Features of This J. Tiras Barrel Bag

  • Push-down lock top closure
  • Comes with extra gemstones
  • Measures 2.5 x 2 x 4 inches

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