J.Renee Brinda Clutch | Iridescent Oily Snakeskin Purse

Posted on: Feb 26

I have to admit, when I first saw this snakeskin clutch my educated response went something along the lines of "Ooooooooh, shiny!"

OK, so it may not be the best critical evaluation of a handbag, but I have to say that this is the feature that really stands out with the J. Renee Brinda purse. A beautiful iridescent oily sheen covers the outside, transforming a crackly and traditional snakeskin into something altogether more patent and otherworldly. Working almost like combining patterns does, this immediately ensures that this clutch looks smooth and sleek at the same time as fashionably quirky.

Once you have gotten past the undeniable luxury of the exterior, the brand continues to deliver on both looks and luxe. Considering that you are only paying $105 for this rather than a thousand, I was surprised to see the addition of a golden side to the underside. These are usually the sorts of decorative touches that you get on only the poshest of purses, and although J. Renee doesn't continue the gold throughout the interior I think it is a most welcome addition.

It is a shame that such a well thought-through and comparatively affordable handbag hasn't chosen to include an optional handle, as we all know how convenient they are by the end of the night. Still, you do get a lot of clutch for the money, and I think the Brinda is gorgeous!

More Features of this Petrol J. Renee Clutch

  • Also available in a black shade
  • Gold lining to the flap closure
  • Signature interior lining
  • Single interior zip pocket

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