J. Furmani Woven Metallic Clutch | Affordable Silver Synthetic Evening Purse

Posted on: May 12

J. Furmani Woven Metallic ClutchWoven leather is a high end designer trademark, but you needn't spend the big bucks to enjoy this look. J. Furmani replicates this luxury staple with this more affordable woven metallic clutch.

OK, so no one's going to mistake this purse for a Bottega Veneta. Its weave is too chunky, and its synthetic too stiff to ever pass as real leather. But from a distance this purse projects an air of luxury.

The rhinestones decorating the metal frame probably take things a step too far. I really think the silvery synthetic offered enough bling already, but girls with more ostentatious taste may disagree with me! To that end, I do wish there was a subtler option. A black or white purse would have helped this style appeal to anyone who isn't into metallics.

I'm used to clutch purses having detachable or hidden chains, but a handle like this one is more unusual. This short handle is curiously made of solid metal. Honestly I can't help but think of a kettle handle when I look at it. I can't imagine it'll be very comfortable to carry, but it does give this purse a very distinctive appearance!

J. Furmani's created a bag that is unashamedly glitzy and glamorous, and very affordable at just $35. For that price, we can afford to embrace our flamboyant side and have a bit of fun!

More Features of This J. Furmani Metallic Clutch

  • Kiss-lock closure
  • Fully lined interior
  • A small slide pocket inside
  • Measures 2 x 9 x 5 inches

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