Hype Naomi Oversized Clutch | Crumpled Leather Rope Purse

Posted on: Mar 22

Oversized clutches are still loved by the fashion jet set, and the Hype Naomi bag is one of the most unusual designs.

Whilst this wrinkled leather purse does conform to the current predilection towards large rectangular bags, the designer breaks up the norm with the uniquely textured plum leather, and the unusual matching rope clasp. I do wonder if the oversized tassel was perhaps taking the looks a little too far, although many girls will like the detail of the accessory.

The point that always needs to be made about oversized clutches is the carrying issue. No designer I have seen yet has cracked this problem, and as such they remain too big to carry easily, yet with no shoulder friendly handle. Don't buy one if you aren't happy to carry it in your hand all night!

If you know the flaws yet love the design, then it is available for $150 and the gorgeous yellow interior should seal the deal.

More Features of this Hype Naomi Leather Purse

  • Contrasting interior lining
  • Crumpled rugged leather exterior
  • Rope closure
  • Multiple interior pockets

Get this Oversized Rope Clutch:

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  1. EllenMarie Says:

    LOTS of HYPE!

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