Hype Dylan Large Flap Hobo | Slouchy Metallic Leather Handbag

Posted on: Sep 8

Hype has remixed the idea of the Dylan hobo in this spacious version.

Roomier than the original Dylan handbag, this particular hobo has gone above and beyond the offerings of its smaller compatriot. In my opinion this large bag has left its sibling sprawling in the dust!

There are a number of reasons for me thinking this. Not least is the fact that if you have a slouchy and consequently casual handbag, you might as well make it roomy. A small bag will still feel great to carry, but with a purse like this one it is always nice to have extra room for your belongings. The addition of an exterior pocket really drills this point home for me, although I would have appreciated some interior compartmentalizing.

Next on my list is the color. Metallic purple may render this a little too garish for work, but it is perfect for play! Comparing it to the beige of its predecessor shows that Hype have really ramped up the glitz and glamor, even down to the bright orange interior. For me it is perfect, although I accept some people may find it hard to coordinate with their wardrobes!

In a soft leather and in a cool shape, I really like this large flap hobo. Does it do it for you?

More Features of this Slouchy Leather Hobo

  • Also available in black
  • Matte & metallic leather exterior
  • Contrasting fabric interior
  • Over-sized flap closure

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