Hello Kitty PVC Baguette | Kitsch Cartoon Purse with Kitten Motif

Posted on: Sep 13

On a cold dark day, everyone could use a little dose of Hello Kitty style sunshine. You either love the Hello Kitty brand or you hate it, but no-one can deny how happy, carefree and downright cheerful the little cartoons are.

This cheap and cute purse by Hello Kitty is just the thing to break yourself (or your child) into the Hello Kitty mania that is still so popular. Remarkably restrained for a brand that is normally so ... well ... pink, this purse has a much more neutral color pallet.

The materials on this kitsch baguette couldn't be expected to be "classy", and I have say expectations are definitely met. In shiny PVC, everything about this is cute, wipe clean and functional. The embroidered large Hello Kitty logo, however, is a nice textured touch to an otherwise plastic bag.

Cute and childish, this Hello Kitty PVC baguette is a bit like Marmite: you either love it or you hate it. In comparison to other purses by the same brand, however, it is much more muted and less in-your-face.

More Features of this Hello Kitty PVC Baguette

  • Zip closure
  • Gray/Red color scheme
  • Embroidered logo

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