Hammitt’s Limited Edition Home Team Bag | Los Angeles Lakers Inspired White Leather Handbag

Posted on: May 2

Hammitt Home Team Handbag

Tracy Zych isn't the only handbag designer enamored with the NBA. Hammitt has just released a limited edition Home Team bag to celebrate its favorite team, the Los Angeles Lakers.

This handbag is much subtler than Tracy Zych's colorful creations, with its white leather body and 24-karat gold plated hardware and studs. This polished metal works with the bag's purple suede lining to recall the Lakers' colors in a very classy way.

I think this is a real improvement on Zych's very obvious team colored handbags, but I also wonder whether it's too subtle. Most people would never guess it was a Lakers handbag, which may disappoint real basketball fanatics.

If you've fallen for it you'll need to head to the Cami store in Manhattan Beach. The boutique is the only one selling the limited edition purse. It'll set you back a cool $725, more than most basketball merchandise but also not an unreasonable price for a limited edition leather shoulder bag.

I probably wouldn't take it to any games though. That pristine white leather won't mix well with beer, hot dog ketchup, or other arena hazards. Despite its finicky finish, has it won you over, or is this another of those limited edition accessories that's strictly for the fans?

[Source: LA Times]

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