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Posted on: Feb 26

Gucci Jungle HoboHas Gucci created a bag that's casually cool with the Jungle Hobo, or is it simply not trying? Honestly I'm not quite sure.

Making up my mind gives me a chance to take in the Jungle's lush caramel colored leather and distinctive hobo slouch. The long tassel gives it a great bohemian flourish, while the bamboo accents give it the Gucci stamp.

But the bamboo ring that gathers the leather at the side makes the Jungle's shape awkward. The asymmetrical handle also comes off seeming ungainly rather than imaginative, although I'm sure it'd feel heavenly in your hand. I'm all for a designer attempting to stamp their personality on a time honoured style, but the risks aren't always successful here.

The dimensions are also all wrong. The handle is too short to sling over our shoulder, but the bag is so large that carrying it any other way would be awkward. We could manage it if we didn't fill it, but what's the point in all space if we can't make use of it?

The Jungle doesn't appear anywhere near as wild as its name, and while it’s got a few interesting features I'm not sure they're enough to attract fashion fans. They're certainly not enough to encourage me to spend $1312. What do you think?

More Features of This Gucci Caramel Leather Hobo

  • Zip fastening
  • Inside zip closure
  • A single handle with a 4.7 inch drop
  • Measures 16.5 x 11.8 x 3.1 inches

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