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Posted on: Feb 15

Gucci Craft Canvas And Leather ToteI am so tired of designers making canvas bags, throwing a label on them and charging $1,000 plus. Seriously, unless you absolutely have to have a giant logo on your bag or you have oodles of cash, what do you need with a $1,000 cotton tote? Gucci, I am sorely disappointed in you for this Craft tote.

Don't get me wrong. It's not that I hate how the bag looks. Honestly, the design is solid. It has a faux artsy-craftsy look to it that is casual and wearable. And the color scheme, in classic creme and a deep rich brown, is super versatile. I even like the subtle details, like the brass hardware. But at $1,110, I just can't overlook the price tag. That's the cost of a short Caribbean vacation if you live in the States.

The size of the Craft is ample, which makes it great for gathering groceries or wildflowers, or whatever you are meant to do with a pricey, but casual, tote. It's sturdy, and it will definitely last you a lifetime in terms of style, as well. I guess when you think about it as replacing eleven less high quality canvas totes, it makes a little more sense, but I'm still not buying it.

More Features Of The Gucci Craft Canvas And Leather Tote

  • Detachable zip-fastening wallet
  • Fully lined in beige twill

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One Response

  1. Mich Says:

    Does this bag comes with red leather trim with the same word printing on it in red? I saw it on bluefly but not too sure if it was authentic Coz I can’t see it elsewhere.

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