Gucci Broadway Crystal Embellished Silk Satin Clutch | Elegant Shimmering Gold Designer Evening Bag

Posted on: Jan 16

Gucci Broadway Crystal Embellished Silk Satin ClutchGucci is one of those labels that instantly brings to mind a whole host of images. Usually it recalls ultra-glamorous images, or sometimes preppy equestrian ones, but it always brings up something. Honestly, this gorgeous Broadway clutch is a little more understated than what I usually associate with Gucci, but it is beautiful, nonetheless.

The low key complexity of the fabric on the Broadway is what it makes it interesting. The silk satin material is sort of a burnished champagne color, which, combined with the glittering crystal embellishments, looks absolutely amazing. Since the background fabric isn't too bright or shiny, it doesn't look overdone or showy, just perfectly elegant.

Gucci has also kept the shape of this one super simple, which is a bonus. The foldover style with its flap front is streamlined and really classy, and the size is perfect for fitting nicely in the palm of your hand. This is the kind of accessory that was just made for the red carpet, and I wouldn't be surprised if I catch a glimpse of one on the red carpet at the Golden Globes this evening.

This is a seriously posh accessory for $2,190, but it's a style that will remain current forever.

More Features Of The Gucci Broadway Crystal Embellished Silk Satin Clutch

  • 10" x 4" x 1" size
  • Internal pouch and zipper pockets
  • Fully lined in cream leather

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