Grow a Stella McCartney Handbag Garden | Video Demonstrates How to Sow Plants in Your Purse

Posted on: Sep 20

I'm personally quite happy using a Stella McCartney handbag for its intended purpose, but if you'd like to make the eco-friendly accessories a little greener you'll want to watch this video. It shows you how to convert a Stella McCartney purse into your own strawberry patch!

Rocket Gardens' Rob Cox hosts the vid which is part of Café Direct's Sow Your Own campaign, an initiative which looks to inspire urban dwellers to grow their own food. I'm not sure whether the misuse of handbags is any way to go about it though!

If scenes of handbag torture make your blood boil, you might want to skip this video. But if you're willing to sacrifice a purse, this video could prove inspirational. After all, everyone knows that home-grown, organic fruit tastes so much better. I so suggest hacking into a more affordable bag than a Stella McCartney original if you’re going to plant your own mini garden!

[Source: The Bag Lady]

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