Gorjana Lexington Clutch | Asymmetrical Color-Blocked Flap Lambskin Purse

Posted on: May 6

Gorjana Lexington ClutchGorjana brings a bit of color to its collection with this Lexington clutch.

I'm used to seeing Gorjana sticking with just the one shade, so it's interesting to see the label flirting with color-blocking. I'm not usually a fan of this retro trend, but I think it works really well here. The pastel pink lambskin would have been a bit boring on its own, but the tan leather gives it a bit more punch. It also helps emphasize the bold asymmetrical flap, ensuring we notice this feature that makes the Lexington more than just a standard clutch purse.

This is the kind of purse that would work easily during the day thanks to its casual style and size. It's larger than the average, and with a zippered pocket, a pair of patches, and another pocket underneath the flap it's more organized too. Unfortunately though, Gorjana doesn't offer us a chain strap. That's disappointing for a purse of this size, as carrying will become awkward once the Lexington is full. I also worry how that pastel pink skin will look once it's been handled for a season or two.

Despite those flaws flaw, I'm tempted. The Lexington is well priced at $215, and that might just be enough to overcome my reservations.

More Features of This Gorjana Asymmetrical Clutch

  • Rose gold hardware
  • Custom lined interior
  • Measures 10 x 7 inches

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