Giuseppe Zanotti Studded Clutch | Fold Over Tan Leather Purse

Posted on: Mar 20

Giuseppe Zanotti generally goes for very expensive and very eccentric designs, yet this clutch is actually quite subtle! What a rarity!

OK, so the simple design may not have hardcore Zanotti fans in throes of excitement, but I actually prefer it. You can see the luxury quality of the materials this way, with smooth and soft on-trend beige leather and glossy shiny studs. Although obviously still expensive, at $649.95, at least this way you can understand where some of the money goes!

I must mention something which is probably on all your minds. This bag can be bought from a million different designers, and from many for a lot less that they expect you to pay here. However, along with the over-done studs this bag does feature an interesting fold over design, which adds a level of versatility to the slightly basic style.

Spacious and luxurious, this clutch is a total status symbol!

More Features of this Smooth Leather Clutch

  • Also available in black
  • Signature lining
  • Studded exterior
  • Fold-over zipped shape

Get this Studded Giuseppe Zanotti Purse:

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