Giuseppe Zanotti Luxury Oversized Clutch | Animal Print Tassled Purse

Posted on: Sep 9

This spacious purse from Giuseppe Zanotti is one of "those" bags. You know: the clutches that hit every single trend on the head, all within one little purse. For this expensive designer evening bag, those trends are animal print, chain handles and tassels, all in one!

On their own, each of the trends are hugely fashionable. Animal prints, such as this spotty leather leopard style pattern, can look great and slightly "western." Tassels are still huge even if their popularity is waning somewhat, and chain handles will probably be in fashion as long as the earth still circles the sun.

When you look at how Zannotti have put together the trends on this handled clutch, it becomes apparent why they have kept with a monochromatic black and white theme. If any other colors were added this evening bag would be completely over the top! I do feel the chain may be one step too far, especially since chain handles are notoriously breakable and uncomfortable!

Whilst clearly made from luxury high-end materials, this bag is one of those wear-once-a-year jobbies. Silly, dramatic and probably very desirable, you have to be totally convinced to shell out the impressive $1400 price!

More Features of this Guiseppe Zanotti Animal Print Purse

  • Oversized buckle feature
  • Multiple tasseled leather layers
  • Leopard print exterior
  • Chain handle

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