Giuseppe Zanotti Beaded Bag | Black Suede Evening Purse

Posted on: May 2

Giuseppe Zanotti Beaded BagGiuseppe Zanotti serves up just what he tells us with this Beaded Bag.

The name is appropriate, because the beading really is the star here. I really like the crackled turquoise stones, but I'm not so sure about the faceted beads Giuseppe Zanotti's paired them with. In such bold clashing colors they look like they've been taken from a Mardi Gras necklace. They're playful, but they don't really gel with the turquoise beads. The black suede throws up all the accents nicely, but should they all be on the same purse? I'm not so sure.

The bare back gives some respite from the visual assault of the clutch's front. However it also makes the purse feel unfinished. If you liked those beads enough to buy the bag, I'm sure you'll be disappointed they're not present throughout the design. I expect this kind of corner cutting on an inexpensive purse, but at $1813 this clutch is far from cheap.

Giuseppe Zanotti tries to convince us we're getting value by adding a concealed clasp and narrow shoulder strap, but I'm struggling to see it. Sure it's made from suede, but since when does that come with a four-figure price tag? Clearly when the Giuseppe Zanotti name is attached to it!

More Features of This Giuseppe Zanotti Suede Clutch

  • Measures 7.9 x 11.2 inches

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